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clean office

Let the leading company in office cleaning develop an office cleaning program which will meet your business needs. The perfectly clean business environment is a defining factor for impressing your clients and improving the working conditions of your employees. Our expert personnel will provide unnoticeable a professional working environment day after day. We do the job which will help you concentrate more efficiently and effortlessly on your business. Regardless of whether your company needs a daily, weekly, monthly or one-off cleaning of your office or entire premise, we will develop a special cleaning program in accordance with all the special requirements of your business.

cleaning carpet

Dust and litter on hard surfaces are very noticeable and easy to clean, but on carpets they quickly make their way to the base of the carpet. Dust and litter combined with the mechanical power of feet on the carpet all day long will cause the carpet to wear out untimely and will lead to a costly replacement. IVERA Cleaning services offers a high quality professional cleaning which will avoid permanent damage to the carpet and keep its quality and beauty for many years. Our deep cleaning system uses self-neutralizing chemicals, cleans the rug/carpet/ soft furniture (chairs, sofas, armchairs, curtains, and all other kinds of upholstered furniture) from dirt and soil which may leave permanent stains and change its structure. Our highly skilled professionals use chemicals and shampoos which are antitoxic, none allergic, bio degradable and fast drying for a clean professional result. We offer only the best methods for professional cleaning of your carpets. We aim not only to finish our job, but to keep you and your family safe by using the safest and most efficient products available on the market today. It is worth mentioning that in reality every carpet manufacturer advises on their products to be thoroughly cleaned once every six months. Places frequented by many people such as waiting rooms, offices, etc. need to be cleaned more often. Let us increase the life of your carpets in your office with a professional cleaning service. - Stairs and corridors

cleaning upholstery

With our day to day life not many people can afford spending energy after all day work, washing the furniture and washing the carpets. Despite all the happiness that pets and children bring in our lives as well they bring a lot of responsibilities living you with a ketchup stain on the carpet and no time for removing it. As well not everybody can afford buying a new sofa when the old one gets dirty, that is where our role is. By having fully trained cleaning technicians and the best equipment on the market WE are aiming in efficiency and quality. WE do the best for your money.

cleaning Hard floor

Having your patio made is amazing, but it brings the responsibility of maintenance. Summer after summer you notice your hard flooring goes darker. This is simple job for IVERA CLEANING, because we have the back up of top quality cleaning products (ECO or non ECO, customer choice) and the experience of our cleaning technicians.

End of Tenancy cleaning

End of tenancy cleaning can be stressful, IVERA Cleaning will handle all of the deep cleaning that needs to be done to make your home shine. An end of tenancy cleaning consists of everything in a routine cleaning, plus deep cleaning of the baseboards, oven, stove, refrigerator, ceiling fans, and cabinets and drawers. Whether you're renting a home or you're selling, we can make your life easier. So you worry about the planning, and let IVERA Cleaning take the house cleaning chores off your list.

Spring cleaning

The most common usage of spring cleaning refers to the yearly act of cleaning a house from top to bottom which would take place in the first warm days of the year typically in spring, hence the name.All curtains and blinds need to be cleaned. All carpets need to be steam cleaned. All rooms need to be de-cluttered. All windows need to be washed, inside and out. Dust and wipe down all the doors, ceiling and walls. Clean any mirrors that you have around the house.

Home maintenance

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Gardening service

We offer a complete garden maintenance service and we are fully qualified and are dedicated to providing a high quality and reliable service. We are happy to offer regular maintenance-lawns, fertilizing, hedge cutting and trimming, weeding and digging, shrub reshaping and pruning. It will be pleasure for us to make your garden look always beautiful.